Menopause and Depression



In the midst of my recent illness, I forgot to change my estrogen patch for an extra day. My mood started going south quickly and I was soon feeling hopeless. No hot flashes, just a depressing brain fog and that feeling of “Who stole the bright side?”

I changed my patch and just a couple hours later I was back to my old optimistic self. This tells me that there could certainly be some truth to the theory that more women in midlife are committing suicide rather than trying hormone replacement. If this is true, it is a tragedy!

New information is coming out all the time on estrogen replacement, like the Scientific American article from October 2007 mentioned in my post: Battle of the Hot Flashes. Check out all of the new research and don’t allow yourself to get so depressed that you can’t go on! I got straight estrogen because I have no uterus anymore. I find the very low dose patches to be a wonderful alternative to hot flashes, brain fog and depression. In other words, I got my life back! I plan to just use these for a year or two and then slowly get off of them when the worst is over. My 55 year old sister says her worst is pretty much over now.

The problems with the previous version of hormone replacement were caused by taking it for decades, into the 60’s and 70’s, and they were taking synthetic hormones like Premarin. New studies have found that women in their early 50’s can safely take very low level hormone replacement with non-synthetic hormones if they are certain to get their annual mammograms and all other necessary check-ups like colonoscopies etc. Estrogen doesn’t cause cancer, but it has been shown to stimulate growth after it has formed.

At any rate, I’m afraid most women don’t realize how depressing and discouraging menopause can be without any chemical assistance. I believe taking low levels of hormone replacement has got to be more healthy than suicide!

So love yourself fiercely, take care of yourself and don’t give up! 

Hang on, it all changes!

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