Stepping WAY outside of your box!

yoga stretch comfort zoneI wish the Oprah Show was always as inspirational as it was yesterday!

She brought on a few women who had been feeling midlife awful, with issues like divorce, single motherhood and job loss.

They were feeling helpless and hopeless, like victims in their own lives.  One women described herself as “paralyzed by fear.”

Oprah gave Ali Wentworth the means to help these women step beyond their own internal limitations.  She introduced them to their new selves.

The women first tried a few rounds of roller derby, then took a sky dive together, and finally disrobed on a beach and ran naked.

You may be thinking “So what!”  If so, go try a few of these challenges and then get back to me.  Stepping outside of your own box changes lives!

How do I know?  Believe me, I know a thing or two about stretching my comfort zone.  I left mine entirely back in 2004, and I’ve been living outside of it ever since!

First I started my own dating service after I lost my job.  I figured I needed a job and a date, so what the heck!  That led to an amazing new relationship.  Falling in love at 49 felt like a gigantic leap of faith!

Since then, I’ve tried out a few different but related careers: writing, public speaking and even writing my first books.

I want to spend my time here on earth doing what I’m best at, and there’s only one way to find out what that is, experiment!  One thing is for sure:  I LOVE living outside of my comfort zone and I’m never going back into my BOX!


3 Responses to Stepping WAY outside of your box!

  1. Anita says:

    I missed that show and I really wanted to see it! I’ve always considered myself slightly outside of the box, and I find other people that take chances fascinating. I’m going to click on your book after I send this comment. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  2. Thanks Anita! My book is about my own experience of stepping out of my box because of a number of crises in my life. It has transformed my life! -Laura Lee

  3. The problem with many boomer women is they’ve lived vicariously through others for most of their adult lives and spent time taking care of the needs of others. They did what was necessary in order to take care of business but not really address how to take care of themselves. Stepping out of your comfort zone means finding your true passion and pursuing it. It also means taking a good, long and hard look at who you are and being honest with what you see. Chances are it won’t be pretty initially but even a caterpillar grows into a beautiful butterfly.

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