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Out of the chaos of  my life, your books are a beacon of hope.”

Midlife Magic small book cover-200x260-1 (2)Is it time to find a new life for yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Laura Lee’s book Midlife Magic is an exciting journey into positive life change, with lots of bonus material!

In this book, Laura Lee Carter, a Life Change Coach and Personal Transformation Specialist, first shares with you her own story of loss and self-discovery.

Laura Lee lost her marriage, her job, her career, and then almost her home, before she woke up to the fact that major changes were in order.

Her dramatic story of personal transformation is an inspiration, encouraging all to believe we can finally achieve the life we choose, and then go after it!

With a wealth of information about navigating through crisis to opportunity, Laura Lee walks you through the necessary steps to go from confused and depressed to a life full of self-respect, success, and love!

A better life is just around the corner!

Midlife Magic is available at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE

Laura Lee also just completed a companion journal to go with Midlife Magic, called The Midlife Change Workbook.

This WORKBOOK helps you acknowledge and process your internal journey as you confront, step-by-step the emotional barriers that may be standing in your way.  Soon you will be ready to give yourself EXACTLY what you want, and move on to your best future ever!

This E-book workbook is available on for only $10.


Go see what a blogger from Australia thought of it.

Midlife Magic reads like a talk with a good friend who really, really gets it. Instead of judgment and criticism for all the crazy thoughts and feelings that come with the territory of midlife, we get support, understanding and a conspiratorial, “I know exactly how you feel!”

Using advice, thought-provoking ideas and humble story telling, Midlife Magic inspires and guides us as we do the work of our own midlife crisis.”

-Karen author of

“Hang on, it all changes!” Laura Lee’s mantra provides hope to all who are struggling with midlife crises. By reading her story, I realized that I am not alone, and it is OK to ask for help. Thanks, Laura Lee.”

Barbara Weibel, author of

“Laura Lee makes her own midlife lessons–although difficult–seem essential, achievable, even appealing. I laughed my way through the pages, learning every step of the way. This book is a delight!”

Katy Piotrowski, career counselor

“Like a scrapbook of snapshots, Midlife Magic recounts a long journey through a series of adventures in self-discovery. It will certainly help a guy understand what all the fuss is about.”

Philip Persinger, author of Do the Math: a novel of the inevitable


4 Responses to My Books

  1. Allison says:

    Hello Laura Lee,

    I wonder if you’d like to be WomenBloom’s next Guest Blogger of the Week?

    You can choose a favorite blog post you’ve already done, or write one for the occasion! We basically post on the site and put you on the front page.

    I hope you’ll consider it, you have a lot of good stuff here!

    And BTW, congrats on an inspiring midlife makeover!


  2. tsin1 says:

    Your comments are so timely for me. I am currently in the blame game (myself) for leaving a well paying job for another one two years ago. I know that is truly living in the past, but now that I am an active job seeker, that old job and that old company doesn’t seem as bad as I thought it was at the time. I have to always remind myself, look ahead not behind.

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