About Laura Lee

Carter5x7#11 copy (2)Laura Lee Carter is a life change coach, author and speaker, who specializes in assisting those who have decided to go in search of their true self, whatever their age!

Her passion is working one-on-one with clients or speaking to those who wish to transform their lives, to finally become the person they are inside!

First she helps them discover their unique reason to be here, and then shows them how to manifest their true spirit in everything they do.

Get to know her better by reading her books and watching her YouTube video.

Words from “The Queen”:

When I think back to where I was in 2001, embarking on the worst of my midlife changes, I am totally amazed and pleased at how it all turned out.

There were so many times I felt completely lost, hopeless, and alone in this journey, but I did not give up. Eyes on the prize, even when it seems like an impossible dream!

A midlife crisis is a wake up call to change the things that haven’t been working in our lives for years, but just seemed too hard to do anything about. Things like difficult emotions, spouses, and careers.  It’s a normal, natural awakening, when we suddenly discover we only have so much time left.  If we’re going to change, now is the time!


Soon after I began writing professionally, I launched this blog. I knew it was high time for me to step up and offer support and encouragement to those who might be feeling lost in midlife hell.

My goal is simple, to bolster those whose courage has faltered, and show them there is still time to follow through on your craziest aspirations and ideals.  There is still time to change your life!

I believe we all have boundless potential to change at any age, and discover a life we can only imagine now.  Midlife is the perfect time to begin to manifest our own unique vision, that one we’ve been secretly nurturing for years.

I received a comment recently which explains perfectly why I continue to produce this blog, write books, and offer midlife coaching.  One viewer wrote:

You have touched my life like no one has..thank you for your insight!

I have learned so much about myself through my own midlife transition. It has been such an important time of self-discovery.

Please allow me to help you do the same with yours!

Happy transitioning !

To communicate directly with me: MidlifeCrisisQueen@gmail.com


32 Responses to About Laura Lee

  1. 40andnowwhat says:

    Just found your site from your post on Lifetwo.com. So far so good. Keep it up. I’m looking for others who can understand where I’m coming from. Lifetwo can be an asset when I’ m ready to be healthier, smarter, etc…, but I’m really looking for confirmation of what I’m going through without feeling guilty about it. Understand???

    Thanks for starting it. I almost wanted to start one myself, but my self doubt of “what do I know” took hold of me and I put it aside for now. Glad you had enough thought and boldness to at least begin.


  2. Laura, What a haven is your website! Thanks for your honest and intelligent reflections, as well as the resources and the networking.

  3. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    Thanks Carol! I do what I can and enjoy the process immensely. -Laura Lee

  4. Hi Laura,

    You have covered a great number of great topics! Congratulations! Mid life crisis is not a crisis but a turning point for another level in life. Keep on the good work!

    All the best,

  5. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    Hey Amos!
    Good to see a blog on similar topics! Keep up the good work!

    I’ll put you on my blogroll…I spent years living and studying in China, even learned Chinese before I decided I could never really teach Chinese history without the background of growing up within that culture. (I was raised in Kansas!)

    Teach others about China! Americans really need that sort of thing! The blending of wisdom from East and West is essential to our futures…

    Later, (Zhi jian)
    Laura Lee

  6. Hey Laura!

    yeah, China is huge and has long long history. Even I myself Chinese am not that familiar with it haha… I grew up in HK a former, last british colony so passion for chinese history at my times was not that strong. Now at this turning point in life, I start to think a lot about life, esp. about the balance of my life. How am I going to deal with the rest of my life time. …etc. heehhee

    Having lived and studied in TN for 5 years, I experienced the richness of American life. Those years were eye opening years for me. My conclusion as a result of those years is … I believe the West has what the East lacks, and the East has what the West lacks also. The two are complementary to each other. The two needs each other even more in this 21st century!

    For some reasons, our “world” is split up into two halves (East and West) with two completely different approaches to life, to business, to work,… etc. Now it’s time to combine the two and make the two worlds ONE and make it the ONE world a better place for us everybody to live!

    Amos Chan

  7. Dear Laura,

    What a great site! I love what you’re doing with it and the information you’ve given. I too have studied the Asian arts– mainly the ones about love– and I also have a relationship based website where I help people create their best relationships. I would love to connect and see if you’d be interested in talking with me further about how I could help your readers create their best lovelives in the second half of their lives. It would be a great topic that I’m sure would be helpful to them– and fun for us!

    I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, keep up the great work!
    Karinna Kittles-Karsten

  8. Laura,

    I just came across your site.

    Keep up the great work.

    I run a coaching practice men@pause for executive and entrepreneurial men in professional and personal transition. Just Google men@pause.

    You are so right that a transition does not have to be a crisis.

    Well done!

    Matthew Scott, M.S.

  9. Suz99 says:


    Love your site. Thanks for so much great info. I didn’t even know until earlier this week, due to Oprah’s show, that midlife process/crisis was to be expected at this point in life. I thought it was just me.

    Can’t wait to read more. Thank you!


  10. Laura

    Love your site and would love to introduce The Best Kept Secret community to you. Drop me a line and we can chat about how we could feature you on our site.


  11. We’re all in it together. Happy to have found your blog. I love to hear stories of women whose lives have been turned upside down at midlife who conquered the challenges and WON! Good for you. If you want to be further inspired, check out http://www.50Fabulous.com. It is an motivational, educational, fun site for all we 50+ women.

  12. Hi Laura

    It was great chatting with you this week. As I was writing up our
    interview I found I was really encouraged by your story. I especially
    like how you are following your passion with writing and the aspect of
    just doing it because you know it’s the right thing.

    I ended up publishing our interview today and wanted to send you a link. . .


    Let’s keep in touch. I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog.


  13. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    That’s great Karen! Thanks for the fun conversation, and the link! LLC

  14. Deb says:

    Hello, Queen!

    Thank you from one 50 year old in search of self and new love to another! God Bless You! Keep up the good work —Thank you for your kind, thoughtful and honest approach to this second half of life!


  15. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    Welcome to my site, Deb:

    I’m glad you found me! Make yourself comfortable and look around.
    If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask. I’m always open
    to suggestions for post topics, etc.

    Cheers, Laura Lee

  16. catmegg says:

    Just pondering the thought of midlife “process”. For those of us whose youngest and oldest children are very spaced apart (like 12 yrs), the “process” takes up a sizable chunk of life and I have to wonder if all of life has been rollercoaster-episodic and I just haven’t admitted it until now. 2 divorces, career change, big moves, and medical conditions…… If I dont’ ‘seize the day’ each and every day, simply moved by my very human state, I will just be waiting for a life that may never come and remain frustrated with the only one that I really have!

  17. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    Thanks for your lovely thoughtfulness!
    I wrote a blog in response to your comment!
    See: “Seize the day and the moment!”

    Cheers, Laura Lee

  18. manupmen says:

    Thanks for giving the female perspective! I write about men’s midlife crisis at http://www.ManUpMen.wordpress.com

    Would love to keep up with you! Between us, we could help a lot of struggling people.

    John Bryan Stone
    Author of Have a Great Midlife Crisis

  19. midlifecrisisqueen says:


    What are your qualifications for giving financial and psychological advice?
    I didn’t see any credentials on your blog….

    Laura Lee

  20. Jerry Zimmer says:

    Hi Karen,

    I love your site. And I admire your bravery and spunk. Perhaps some your readers will find the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale helpful. It’s a 100 question assessment that measures emotional recovery after the end of a love relationship. The scale is available at http://www.StartRebuilding.com.

    Jerry Zimmer

  21. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    HI Jerry:

    My name is actually Laura Lee, but thanks for the compliment. I’ve always been a bit stubborn and scrappy when it comes to life, and midlife only made me more so!

    Thanks for the tip about Fisher Seminars. I’ve heard good things about them.

    The Queen

  22. seasofsilver says:

    Your blog is so amazing!!! I just stumbled upon it tonight but will be back for more!!!

  23. Denni says:

    I never expected to stumble upon your site while going through a crisis on my own. Actually quit reading, after 2 hours, to go get a book you had mentioned (Highly Sensitive blah blah), and read THAT cover to cover today. You have touched my life like no one has. Thank you for your insight!

  24. Ellen Johns says:

    I arrived at your blog from Newsweek’s health blog — and what a fresh breath your blog offers! I applaud your intellectual honesty and writing skills! As I scroll through, I see you’ve been intrigued by many of the same news items that have caught my attention. What a treat to read your reactions to the same. Thanks.

  25. midlifecrisisqueen says:

    Hey Ellen:

    So glad to meet someone who thinks and wonders about things like I do!
    We’re either both brilliant or crazy, but it’s lots of fun all the same!

    Laura Lee aka The MLC Queen

  26. Mary Carlson says:

    Hi Laura,

    I love your blog. Have used it to help model my own. You truly are an inspiration of hope to many people with your keen insight. I look forward to working with you more in our critique group, and gaining wisdom from you for my blogging experience.

    Happy holidays,

  27. Thanks Mary! I do what I can to help. –Laura Lee

  28. Dear Laura Lee,
    Your name came up in our wordpress class the other night and we wanted to know if you would be willing to be a guest speaker at a future class. I believe we are nearby and more info on our class is at 50bloggers.com.
    Thanks for the consideration. Either way, I’d love to speak with you at some point.
    Brian Schwartz, Author (& WordPress Teacher)

  29. Victoria says:

    Dear Laura Lee,
    I read your article in the Healing Path regarding candida. Without a doubt I have an overabundance of Candida and flushing it out of my system is going to help remedy many, many health issues that I deal with on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you for raising awareness on this medical condition that is most likely widespread but undiagnosed. It is too bad that the medical profession is not addressing sugar as a health concern. Thank you, again!
    Victoria Clarke

    • Victoria:
      Sugar seems to be the elephant in the room when it comes to American health care issues! When is there going to be a big fat investigative report on how deadly our normal American diet is? For most of us, simply cutting our sugar and other sweeteners (real and artificial) down to almost nothing would length our lives and improve quality of life immeasurably! I’m glad I learned so much about this issue while I could still do something about it!
      Laura Lee aka The Queen!

  30. Thank you Midlife Crisis Queen for all your insight!! I have also deemed myself queen of my house! Sometimes I’m pretty funny, but I am also quite sarcastic!(so they say)… That’s just part of being the highest in the land – we need to wear the crown proud!
    I’ll be tuning in as I travel my way through my own mid-life journey…I too have started a blog to let the world know what it’s like.
    P.S. I’m also on a low carb, South Beach diet and it is working!! (for now)
    Mary Caliendo, Queen of Talesfromthegrayside.wordpress.com

  31. Welcome Mary! You go GIRL!!!

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