Recent Book Reviews

February 18, 2009

I have been so touched by a few reviews I have received recently of my new book Midlife Magic.  I actually sold a copy to the woman at my bank when I went in to open my business account.  She has a great name: Laura Lee just like me!  So I asked her yesterday what she thought of it.

She said she loves to savor it during her “quality time” on her breaks from work.  Her main comment was: “Laura, you are very REAL in your book.  No mincing words for you!”  Loved it!

Then Brigit, a wonderful new Australian friend I made through this blog wrote:

“I’ve loved your book. ‘Hang on, it all changes,’ is a truth we so often forget when we are going through our tough times, and sometimes we need to be reminded of it.

Your book lives by my bedside. I can open it at any page at the end of a day, and go to sleep feeling positive.”

Brigit also took the time to write a more complete review on her own blog today.  Go see her cool blog: Brigit just lost one of her jobs so she definitely feels our pain!

I enjoyed her final comment:   “Midlife Magic has bits of magic on every page!


Midlife Magic: Becoming The Person You Are Inside!

December 15, 2008


In case you missed my BIG NEWS:

My first book is out on AMAZON

and also available for sale through my website!

Please consider buying a copy!

“We read to know we are not alone.”  C.S. Lewis


Men, divorce, and dating

July 21, 2008

I just read the blog Lifetwo linked to today for the latest BloggingBoomers Carnival (see below). It’s the entertaining story of one man’s experience dating after the end of a long marriage. In other words dating in midlife, which the author lovingly describes as: Picking one’s poison: Waterboarding or being a middle-aged man trying to date

WOW, it never ceases to amaze me how much trouble some men have dating! I must have been majorly brainwashed sometime really early that men love to “play the field” and never, ever, want to “settle down.” I thought they all had that infamous “Baby, baby don’t get hooked on me” syndrome, at least most of the ones I met in my younger days!

Now, come to find out at the ripe old age of 53, most men hate dating as much as I did! I really tried not to hate it! I even started my own matchmaking service to ease the process for my clients, you know, try to make it fun and a little less stressful.

When dating, I always tried telling myself I might just make some new friends, but it inevitably became difficult or at least uncomfortable at some point in time!

When I finally met Mike, I knew my dating days were over (at least for a while) and he told me horror stories of the many bad experiences he’d had working through various “dating services.” He was so shy he simply could not go up to a woman and introduce himself. He used dating services because at least when he met a woman this way, he knew she was truly interested in dating, so it gave him a little bit more self-confidence and reassurance.

I guess dating is something we all must go through at some point in life, and it don’t get any easier when we’re old farts!

My Advice on Internet Dating

February 5, 2008

I just read a ridiculous article about internet dating. It was so bad, it inspired me to tell you what I’ve learned on the subject.

From my vast experience, let’s see I’ve belonged to and E-Harmony, and had at least five internet dates…but I also ran my own dating service for a while, and I did find my lovely husband this way!

Rule # 1.  Tell the truth! Lying to yourself and others about how you look, or what you like to do, serves nobody’s interests! What is your reaction when someone lies about their height or weight? Hummm, I wonder what else they lied about?

Rule # 2.  Make a good effort to give each person you meet a chance, unless of course they give you the creeps.  Don’t be afraid to compliment your new found friend if you enjoy their company, and be sure and send them a message after your first time together if you want to keep things unambiguous between you.

If you did enjoy your time together, give them at least one or two more dates to see how it goes. Don’t be a harsh judge of others. Maybe they are real nervous at first. Try to reassure them in simple ways, so their real personality can shine through.

Rule #3.  Get over feelings of rejection as quickly as possible when things don’t work out. If they aren’t the right person for you, best to find out sooner rather than later. No use wasting your time on someone who can’t immediately see all your best characteristics and love you for who you are! You need someone who thinks you are the BEST thing that ever happened to them. You deserve that this time!

Rule #4.  Most importantly, get to know the real person behind the profile fairly quickly after a few e-mail exchanges and maybe a phone call. If you don’t, you will have too much time to project all sorts of nonsense onto this person you don’t even know. Be sure and meet them in a public place at first, but it is essential to be in the same room with  someone to really know who they are.

If you feel up to it, trust your gut and take a chance! Love may be out there just waiting for you to call!