Life Change Coaching

“Working with Laura has been inspirational. Her insights and wisdom have helped me transform my life.”

“Thank you for being a catalyst in visioning a whole new future, one I look forward to manifesting!”

Do you want to take your life in a new direction?  Are you searching for a way to become more authentic and true to who you are inside?

The process of personal change is too difficult to do alone.  We all need to ask for help sometimes, and Laura Lee is just the one to call!

With a masters degree in transpersonal counseling psychology, and years of experience as a life coach, Laura Lee can help you quickly and efficiently!

Please consider a few sessions of one-on-one, life change coaching to receive the encouragement,  support and instruction you deserve, to change your internal dialogue, your feelings about yourself, and how you will live from now on!

Perhaps you have been thinking a lot about what you haven’t accomplished so far.  Perhaps you feel like a loser and need some serious encouragement to move on to a better perspective and a better life.  Here’s your crack at do-overs before it’s all over!

I don’t care what you want to change, I can help you. Maybe you want to change jobs, or start believing in love again, perhaps you want to gain increased self-respect, or decide whether it is time to divorce your spouse and move on.

Personal change is my specialty!

All our correspondences will be completely confidential.   We can meet by phone or face-to-face.  I live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Let’s meet for a 15-minute complementary consultation to see how well we work together.

Drop me a confidential e-mail at: with your questions or concerns.

Let’s start changing your life today!


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