Don’t underestimate the POWER of surrounding yourself with those whom you admire in midlife!

October 25, 2009

When I was first invited to co-author 50 Interviews: Professional Speakers, I wasn’t quite sure.

Did I really want to give THAT much of my own time to interview so many successful speakers, not to mention the hours of transcribing, editing and producing a book?

Now that I’ve interviewed six speakers, I can answer that question with an unequivocal YES!  The inspiration factor is changing my life everyday, not to mention all the amazing tricks and tips I’m learning!

Speaking to those who have started from nothing, as we all do at first, and created exactly the kind of career they had only dreamed of before, is pure genius for those who think they might like to change careers.  There is no better way to learn so much about a different career very quickly!

But more important, talking to those who have been through it before, we can quickly see if this is the kind of life we want to pursue, or at least which aspects appeal to us.  It can show you how likely it is that you will love this new career, and whether you are likely to succeed, when you take into consideration all of your own needs and personality traits.

Then there are the advantages of being older so we can choose from a place of knowing ourselves very well.  After years of learning how to be honest, and embrace our natural talents and tendencies, we may find that we are finally ready be all that we can be!

Find a way to surround yourself with those you think you would like to learn from. It’s a POWERFUL EXPERIENCE!


Midlife women as risk-takers!

September 20, 2009

I have been meeting a number of amazingly interesting and powerful midlife women lately!  By maintaining this blog, I have gained an education in how so many women are transforming themselves in midlife, and their careers have then taken off!

I am now the managing editor of a new book in the 50 Interviews series on professional speakers.  Brian Schwartz came out with 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs this year.

Brian encourages those who think they might like to change careers, to first go out and interview 50 professionals in their field of interest.  It’s a great way to learn more about the area you might like to pursue,  gain important connections,  maybe even a mentor or two, while also producing your own book in the 50 Interviews series.

Meggin McIntosh small blogBrian and I are both quite interested in learning the secrets of successful professional speakers so we have been interviewing them lately.  The other day I spoke to Meggin McIntosh, CEO of Emphasis on Excellence.  What an amazing powerhouse of energy and ideas!

After decades of teaching, eventually as a college professor, Meggin decided it was time to strike out on her own with Emphasis on Excellence in 2004.  She is now the Ph.D of Productivity, educating educators nationwide in leadership and productivity.

It was such a joy speaking to her about how her self-confidence has increased, as her business has developed and grown.  She is a true inspiration to me!  Talk about finding a way to be a part of the solution instead of the problem!  She made me believe that we can all succeed if we believe we can, and then follow through with all the energy we can put behind it!

Her interview will appear along with 49 others in our new book, coming out in the spring of 2010!  If you know of other professional speakers who make an excellent living speaking professionally, please contact me at:

What are you waiting for?

February 24, 2009

I just viewed Brian Schwartz’s video where he discusses why he started interviewing entrepreneurs in the first place to eventually create his new book 50 Interviews. He started out interviewing others just to get a sense of what that lifestyle was all about.  He suspected that he was an entrepreneur at heart, but wanted to know more.

Isn’t that where most of our great inspirations come from:  indecision.  I always say if I cannot decide something important, it is probably because I don’t have enough information to make a good choice.

It  makes a lot of sense to fully consider all of the ramifications of a change in lifestyle before taking the gigantic leap of faith necessary to quit your day job in hopes of instead creating the life you have always imagined for yourself.

Fortunately (at least that’s how I view it now!) I lost my job in 2004.  That made it a lot easier to take the leap into the unknown.  But I still hesitated for a couple months before starting my dating service.  Then I decided that the old unemployment checks would be running out soon, so why not?  I also loved that Risky Business line: “Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck and make your move!”

Near the end of Brian’s video he tells of how a good friend asked him one day:  “Would you like to know when your life will end?”  Brian said yes so he could get lots more done before that moment.  His friend replied:   What are you waiting for?  That could be tomorrow!

To me this is an excellent summary of the pungency of midlife, the powerful reality check that hits us suddenly over the head one day and says:

Hello, your time here on earth is definitely limited…time to wake up and finally become all that you were meant to be!

What are YOU waiting for?

Would you like to know what successful entrepreneurs know?

February 21, 2009

I don’t know how many of you have ever made an attempt at entrepreneurship, but I have put my hat into the ring a few times with varying success.

First I tried to start a counseling practice soon after receiving my M.A. in counseling psychology.  I found moderate success, but  soon tired of trying to think of ever more creative ways to attract new clients.  My marketing  budget was zero, and I knew very little about sales and marketing.

Next I had a brilliant idea to market my medical research skills to those with recent scary diagnoses.  I was certain that I could help those trying to decide what their options were in terms of treating serious illnesses.  I learned a lot and helped a few, but with no money to educate people about my unique service, I found little success.

You’ve all heard about my matchmaking service for those over 40.  That was my most successful attempt at entrepreneurship.  I did attract a great group of clients and had some successes in matching nice couples, but soon decided the work wasn’t really me.

Looks like I’m average in terms of failed entrepreneurial attempts…I hear most try a few different businesses before they finally find some success doing what they love.

Would you like to learn more about how successful entrepreneurs succeed?

Local writer and entrepreneur Brian Schwartz has just launched a new book called: 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs, where he asks 50 successful entrepreneurs candid questions about start-up costs, positive cash flow, genesis of ideas, marketing plans, the relevance of educational background, challenges, rewards, and the all important “Where do you see yourself in 10 years” question.

Since a small business start-up will be the next step for many of the 4 million Americans thrown out of work in recent months, Brian Schwartz provides an excellent service by penning this collection of interviews to guide the way for anyone who has ever had the desire to create something from nothing, explore a unique market niche or live a life of discovery.

Why not learn from the experience of 50 successful entrepreneurs? Go see where they’ve been and what they’ve learned, before deciding whether to start your own company.