Exploring Your Dark Side

June 16, 2009

dark side of the moon small blog

Hot flashes are God’s way of preparing you for hell!

One advantage to menopause is the opportunity it provides to explore your dark side.

My whole life I have been conditioned to be a nice girl.  Even when I’ve felt angry as hell, I have tended to still hold it in and “play nice.”

Granted if everyone plays nice, the world is an easier place to deal with.  I certainly understand why most of us were taught not to act on every angry impulse we allow ourselves to feel.

HOWEVER, when menopause hits, playing nice flies out the window.  It suddenly isn’t even an option.  It sometimes feels like all those decades of playing nice when I really didn’t feel that way, have finally culminated in my own private nuclear explosion inside my head!

This is the time we are offered the opportunity to, as some psychologists call it, explore our dark side.  It isn’t a bad thing to finally check out the whole other side of your personality, the part that you never showed to anyone for fear that they wouldn’t ever speak to you again.  Face it, this all comes out regularly in our dreams.

Trust me, we all have one, and the more vehemently you resist acknowledging it, the darker it is!  It’s a bit like learning how to release decades of pent up anger.  It’s there and it wants to have a voice!  That is why menopause is so convenient.  It’s the perfect excuse to let her rip!

Unfortunately our dark side emerges right about the same time as we begin losing our ability to remember things, especially if you’ve had a major brain injury recently like I have.  Oh well, perhaps that is also fortunate.  You can release lots of pent up anger and then forget all about the fact it ever happened!